A Schoolboy's Wartime Letters

By Geoffrey Iley

This entertaining account of an evacuee's life away from home is a fascinating reminder of 'the way we were'.

The letters carry strong echoes of ‘Just William’ and ‘Adrian Mole’ — 'Health and Safety' was nowhere in sight! There is also a wealth of information about childhood games, hobbies, mock battles, sport, school life and wartime concerns. This memoir will definitely appeal to all ages.

Here are some great reviews and endorsements:

Review by Golda: ‘A wonderful historical diary of England 70 years ago through a young boy's eyes.’


Review by Astrid Kinlow: ‘A unique, moving, funny child's eye view of World War II through the prism of school and family.’


Endorsement by Michael Foreman, award-winning author of 'War Boy': 'Dinky toys and Spitfires, fags and flying bombs. A personal and poignant insight into a Wartime Childhood. (The) experiences were certainly different to mine and all the more interesting for that!'


Endorsement by Ellen Parton, Archivist, The Imperial War museum: 'We are eager to     acquire this collection of original source material'

There are many ways to purchase a copy of A Schoolboy's Wartime Letters. The cover price is £11.99 but check for discounts at bookshops or online; there are sometimes bargains to be found. First, please try a bookshop near you — it’s always good to support local retailers, whether they are independent or one of the major chains, such as Waterstones or W. H. Smith.  All of them will either stock the book, or can obtain it for you. 

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You can also check the website of the publisher, Chronos Books, at: www.chronosbooks.com